Celeano Raids

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Celeano Raids

Post  Admin on Thu Feb 03, 2011 7:25 pm

Celeano (NIghtmare)
Small Raid - 3,000,000 Health - 120 Hours

Epic: Flag 5, Orange Flute, Caelian Stallion (mount), Boots of Eternal Dance (boots), Harpy's Curse (magic), Batwing Shield (offhand), Crusade (legion), Celeano's Claw (offhand)

Rare: Flag 4, Purple Flute, Flash Blade (offhand), Iron Hands of Entellus (legion), Caelian Helm (helm)

Uncommon: Flag 3, Green Flute, Blue Flute, Harpy Heart, Pearl Ring (ring), Night Blade (troop), Captain's Hammer (main hand)

Common: Flag 1, Flag 2, Brown Flute, Grey Flute, Studded Leather Chest (chest), Studded Leather Pants (pants), Studded Leather Gloves (gloves), Studded Leather Boots (boots)


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